We accept shredded paper, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, and office paper. 

Our newspaper is recycled into blow-in insulation for homes.  Office paper and magazines are recycled into toilet paper.  


baled paper

Paper Facts:

Think about the energy consumed in the logging industry.  By recycling we are saving so much energy in the entire Paper Industry, from logging to pulping.

The average person in the US uses 680 pounds of paper each year.  (There are about 350 million people in the US! Look at the math here!)

The average American uses 7 trees per year in paper, wood, cardboard and other tree-derived products.

The construction costs of a paper mill designed to use waste paper is 50-80% less than the cost of a mill using new pulp.

Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.  The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.

Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution!