What We Recycle

Free Drop Off at our Swink (Sugar Factory) Location:

  • Cardboard: all types

  • Cartons: both types (shelf-stable & refrigerated)

  • Glass: bottles and jars, all colors

  • Metals: aluminum, steel, tin cans, washers & dryers, small appliances (no freon)

  • Paint: latex and oil based paints.  Must have original labels

  • Paper: newspaper, office, shredded, magazines, junk mail

  • Agricultural materials: chemical jugs, and PVC irrigation pipe

  • And More…

    • Kitty litter buckets

    • 5- gallon buckets (clean, uncracked)

    • Cattle supplement tubs

    • Triple-rinsed ag chemical jugs

    • Pallets in good condition

Call Us With Questions (719) 468-0254

Pay-Per-Bag Plastics Recycling

Simply purchase a recycling bag, fill it with clean (rinsed)  recyclables, and drop it off at one of our drop-off locations.

1. Service Fee: $3.00 per 40 gallon bag

2. Make sure containers are empty & clean.

3. Please don’t cut up plastic as we sort it by type before baling & shipping

4. The bag has two attached cords. Cross the cords, thread through middle holes, cinch, and tie.   Use a bow tie to close the bag to make opening easier for our sorters. No knots please!

Acceptable Material:

Plastic bottles and containers – #1  #2  #5

Some common examples of these numbers can be (but aren’t limited to):

#1 PET: soda bottles, water bottles, most single use drinking bottles

#2 HDPE: milk jugs, detergent jugs, soap bottles, large supplement tubs, triple-rinsed chemical jugs

#5 PP: medicine bottles, dairy tubs, baling twine

Non Acceptable Plastics:

#3 PVC: bottles, containers, PVC pipe

#4 LDPE: bottles, containers

#6 PS: compact disc jackets, tableware, containers, styrofoam

#7 Other: reusable bottles

Styrofoam is not recyclable

No ziplock or trash bags or pet food bags.

No plastic film – bubble wrap, clear plastic wrap, 6-pack plastic, frozen vegetable or meat bags.

More on Plastics Recycling


Electronics Recycling is available only at the Old Sugar Factory location in Swink. We are partnering with “Sustainability” to ethically recycle electronics while providing meaningful jobs in Colorado.

Electronics Recycling Fees:

·         Free drop-off:  computers* (towers, laptops, servers), cell phones, ink cartridges, toner cartridges…

·         20 cents/lb:   general E-waste: printers, AV equipment, IT components, scanners, small appliances, flatscreen TV’s & flatscreen monitors

·         25 cents/foot:  fluorescent  tubes

·         40 cents/lb:   computer monitors, TV’s (old style CRT’s)

·         50 cents each for CFL bulbs

* For data destruction, take your computer to Triad Computer Systems at 1321 E 3 rd in La Junta. They will certifiably erase all personal data and then recycle your computer through Clean Valley Recycling.


Cardboard is the single largest component of waste from businesses going to our landfill and it is one of the easiest items to recycle. So don’t throw it in the dump – recycle it!

1. Break down and flatten your cardboard, corrugated cardboard or paper-board (cereal boxes, etc) and stack in an intact box.

2. Do not include any cardboard contaminated with oil, grease, food or chemicals.

3. Bring your cardboard to one of our drop-off locations.

4. We would be happy to come and pick up cardboard at your place of business for a minimal fee. Call us to set up a pick-up schedule: 468-0254.



Recycle your leftover paint! Free drop-off. Lids need to be secure with original labels on container. Paint will be re-purposed and sold for $5 per gallon.

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