Fowler Recycling Begins January 7, 2017

Clean Valley Recycling and Tri-County Housing are working together to bring recycling to Fowler!  Starting January 7, 2017, Fowler residents can bring their recyclables to the Tri-County parking lot – open every Saturday morning 9am – Noon.

Here is a list of materials accepted:

  1. Cardboard – both corrugated and paperboard (cereal boxes, cartons, etc.)

  2. Paper – office, shredded, magazines, newspaper, junk mail, greeting cards, soft and hardback books

  3. Metal Cans – aluminum and steel (tin) cans

  4. Plastics – clean rigid containers #1-#7; water and soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, yogurt containers, etc.  We accept most food containers with the triangle symbol on the bottom.  We CANNOT accept Styrofoam, black garbage bags, or snack food wrappers.

  5. Glass – unbroken bottles and jars

The only charge will be $3 per reusable CVR bag for plastics (to defray the costs of processing and shipping.)  All other recyclables are free to drop off!