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Wondering what you can recycle with us, when and where?

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The Swink Sugar Factory is the hub of CVR, click here to view all our convenient drop-off locations.

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Recycle today for a better tomorrow. Why?

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We accept all types of cardboard! Drop off is Free at our Swink, La Junta, Rocky Ford, Fowler, and Las Animas locations.

Cardboard is the single largest component of waste from businesses going to our landfill and it is one of the easiest items to recycle. So don’t throw it in the dump – recycle it!

  1. Break down and flatten your cardboard, corrugated cardboard or paper-board (cereal boxes, etc) and stack in an intact box.

  2. Do not include any cardboard contaminated with oil, grease, food or chemicals.

  3. Bring your cardboard to one of our drop-off locations.

  4. We would be happy to come and pick up cardboard at your place of business for a minimal fee. Call us to set up a schedule 468-0254.


Cardboard Facts:

  • Cardboard is one of the easiest materials to recycle.

  • There are two types of cardboard and both can be recycled

    • corrugated

    • paperboard (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc.)

  • CVR’s cardboard is currently going to a recycler in OK that makes sheetrock

  • We sell about 20 tons (one semi-load) every month

  • A cardboard box can be recycled 9 times before the fibers become too short to use

  • One ton of recycled cardboard saves nine cubic yards of landfill space

  • 85% of products sold in the US are packaged in cardboard


Clean Valley Recycling began in April 2011 with a mission and dream to keep the Arkansas Valley “Clean and Green.” CVR made its home in Swink, Colorado in the old […]

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Main Location Swink, Colorado Inside The Old Sugar Factory Wednesdays 9am-4pm    –    Saturday mornings 9am-4pm Drop-Off Locations Swink Old Sugar Factory in Swink Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 am – 4 […]

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What We Recycle

Free Drop Off at our Swink (Sugar Factory) Location: Cardboard: all types Cartons: both types (shelf-stable & refrigerated) Glass: bottles and jars, all colors Metals: aluminum, steel, tin cans, washers […]

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Curbside Recycling

It’s Fun. It’s Easy. It’s the Right Thing to Do. To enroll, select your city: LA JUNTA  ROCKY FORD SWINK Already Enrolled and want to RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? LA JUNTA […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Why Should Anyone Recycle? Recycling not only reduces waste to landfills, but is a more affordable solution waste disposal, making new materials such as bottles and paper, and save […]

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